Burgers, Brews and Boards Saturday July 6th 4:00PM


Come check out our Burgers, Brews &  Boards fundraiser this Saturday, July 6th @ 4:00 PM.  Its at the Riverport Brewery in Clarkston, WA 99403.  This Fundraiser goes to help pay for the Lewiston Skatepark.  We hope to see you there!

We Need You!

The VSA is currently looking for additional board members to join the organization.  It is our hope to get more people involved who are passionate about  our skateboard community and have the drive to help establish a non profit group that will help meet the present and future goals of the Lewis/Clark Valley skateboard community.  If you or anybody you know may be interested please fill out that VSA board member application and email it to skatethevalley@yahoo.com or physically mail it to C/O Board Member Request P.O. Box 1555 Lewiston, ID 83501.

Board_Application VSA

Mtn Dew Skatepark on Northwestskater.com

If you have ever planned a skate trip around the northwest chances are that you have used northwestskater.com to find good parks. If you’ve never been to the site than you’re missing out on the most comprehensive list of good skateparks in the northwest and guess what? Where on it! Thanks to Dan Hughes for building the site even though it probably killed him to ride all these amazing parks.




Night of the Living Shred Contest Result

Here are the results for night of the living shred contest.
Check it out to see how you ranked among your friends. Also thanks again to
Mike Dahl for chairing the event, Kris Johnson for providing the music, All the
Judges, DJ at Thunder Jet for doing the Banners, Dan Prasil for providing the
Stage in the form of a 1970 Ford Farm truck and to all the Volunteers and
sponsor who made it possible. Thanks Everyone!

contest results

cory mccowen



Construction photos


Here is a link to our photo stream on flickr.  There are a bunch of photos of the construction last year and if gives you an idea of how the skatepark went together.

Photo Gallery of Mtn Dew skatepark construction

Thanks to all our sponsor at the Night of the living Shred skate contest.

Video by Austin Grossman

Check out the video of the highlights and make sure to support the people who support local skateboarding.

Our sponsors are Pepsi, Follett’s Mountain Sports, Quins Skateshop, Bacon & Lifeblood Skateboard, Pro-Tec, DVS shoes, Bones Wheels, Driveway Gourmet, My Architect, Matix Clothing, Waffles N More, 6cents, Thunderjet, 13 Ways Tattoo shop and Tink Ink Ice Cream, Short’s Funeral Chapel, & Skateone.

Parks and REC Meeting August 17th 5:00 pm 1424 Main Street Lewiston.

Just a friendly reminder that the Parks and Rec meeting is this Wednesday it should be fun because we rarely get visitors and these meeting can be a little dry. Be prepared to defend you position, but do it in a RESPECTFUL manner. As far as BMX pegs are concerned they are REQUIRED to be covered or made from plastic and this NEEDS to be enforced. The reason for this is to protect the surface of the concrete and the coping as long as possible. As far as scooters are concerned the rules at the park read that they are NOT allowed. This means that the rules need to be enforced and the scooters have to go or that we need to change the rules to allow them at the park. Not being clear on the rules only hurts it is when we need to enforce other rules like smoking and swearing. All the rules at the park need to be enforceable, fair, and meant to protect the integrity of the park. We spent 12 years fundraising and advocating for this park and we want to protect is for as long as possible.

With proper maintenance this park should last 40 or 50 years, but the smooth surface of the park that makes it so enjoyable to skateboards with their small urethane wheel will be the first thing to deteriorate. This is mostly caused by weathering, (rain and a freeze/thaw cycle), but chips in the surface of the concrete caused by careless/falling BMX bikes, scooter and possibly even a skateboard will hurry this along and allow moisture to enter concrete sooner.

Coping is another major concern because once its damaged it’s either impossible to replace or expensive. The Pool and concrete (think the deep end of the large bowl) coping can be replaced but at a considerable cost so we want to protect this finite resource from damage.

Like I said, ALL the rules at the park need to be enforceable. If we can’t or won’t follow one rules (like full pads required….its on the sign please take the time to read it once in a while) then it makes it harder to ask other to follow another rule.

Also the Parks and REC Commission has no desire to exclude people from the park. They are very happy to see the park so busy and it will only help us when we start raising money for the second Skatepark. It’s obvious that the park gets a lot of use and should be expanded or a skatepark system put in place. Now that we have a good park and the community sees how positive it is for the most part. It will be easier to raise money the second time around.

Keep Calm and Ride On!

The Skatepark is Open!!!!

The skatepark has been open for about 2 weeks now,  sorry for the delay. (Can’t stop skating the new park)

If you need direction the physical address of the skatepark is 850 Snakeriver Ave, Lewiston, ID 83501.

The VSA also recommends that young children should have at least 2 weeks (everyday practice) experience on their skateboard before they come to the skatepark.  Also they should wear wrist guards and a helmet.  Broken wrists are the most common injury on a skateboard and most incidences happen in the first 2 weeks of riding.  They should also stay in the upper bowl and out of the street section when its busy.

The Skatepark is still closed

We are just waiting for the lighting to be installed by Avista and the city to finish up some work on the sprinkler and grass sod. We are hoping to have the park open on March 20th if all goes well with the weather, which it hasn’t been.

Burger Brew & Boards Fundraiser Feb 19th Noon to 4 pm

Get your tickets early because we will sell out!